Small character inkjet printers CIJ TECHNOLOGY


The continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing systems designed and manufactured in the Sassuolo headquarters are ideal for non-contact marking of barcodes, logos, fixed and variable texts on a wide variety of surfaces, and particularly suitable for primary packaging such as paper, plastic, metal, glass products and tubes, cables and packaging materials.

Designed to operate on medium- and high-speed production lines, they deliver high-quality prints on flat, curved, regular and irregular surfaces. The sectors where they can be used are unlimited, thanks to the use of a wide range of inks of our own exclusive production, suitable to print on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

The hardware and software modular structure guides in the choice of individual parts during the purchase and updating of the product, ensuring certain costs at any time, for a conscious choice according to requirements, without compromise.

The systems are adaptable to any type of personalisation and need, to obtain prints up to 5 lines with a height between 0,8 and 14 mm.


Our range of industrial small character inkjet printers: