We want to become your partner of excellence
in industrial coding solutions and traceability.


We develop industrial coding and marking solutions that overcome barriers of distance, language and culture. We aim for constant growth, enhancing the teamwork of those who overcome challenges with talent, strength, and passion.
We create value by optimizing processes and production efficiency.
Simplicity, Innovation, and Sustainability are the hallmarks of ZANASI products and services.


Every single person who works in ZANASI is essential.
Because the whole is much more than the sum of the single parts.

In ZANASI, we firmly believe that every transformation always begins from within, WHOLE encompassing different ways of being and thinking, propelled towards the realization of our projects. We shape our vision of the future to pursue a common aim: Creating with what we have at hand, breaking the mold to make increasingly innovative, simple, and reliable products.
Innovation, Collaboration, and Satisfaction are the ICS factor in our company. ICS are the values in which we believe, and which guide the way we conduct our relations with the market, the companies we deal with, and the people who work with us.
Through our values, we declare our identity to the market, and we make it clear how we intend to achieve success together and respond to constant change.


Failure is the opportunity to grow.

All failures are good for us because they bring us knowledge: the necessary conditions for innovation.
The real failure is if you don’t learn from your mistakes.

Through the structure and method, we combine our experience and constantly develop with market innovations, to make the complex simple and create uniqueness.
We overcome the daily routine of our work to look beyond the obstacle: this is our way to explore hitherto unseen solutions together.


Every idea is valuable.

Every idea of the individual is the brick that when, together with the others, builds our future. The collaboration allows us to stimulate our creativity, improve process efficiency, and develop projects where everyone works together for a common goal.

We create the proper environment where we are not afraid to dare. People face challenges and difficulties with serenity supported by the group. We are aware that every choice must be shared, as it has a crucial impact on colleagues’ current and future work.


Enthusiasm is essential.

We aim to instill enthusiasm as a boost to act, be happy at work and love what we do, to bring solutions and achieve results.

We are committed to creating conditions where every person can enhance their qualities, improve themselves and achieve personal satisfaction.

Enhancing distinctive features underscores the appreciation of differences in a place where everyone recognizes themselves and recognized for their identity, the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.