A product suitable to manage strong pigmented inks to meet the marking needs of the heavy industry.

Z408 Pi

Z408 Pi is an industrial large character printing system that plays a strategically important role in marking with special pigmented inks, made possible thanks to the innovative NZP printheads and the exclusive hydraulic system. The printer controls up to 2 7, 16 or 32 dot NZP heads, reaching a maximum of 10 lines and a 120 mm print height.

The stainless steel cabinet, solid and compact, is equipped with internal ventilation and a high degree of IP protection, which make Z408 Pi particularly resistant to the infiltration of dust and water, humidity and high temperatures, therefore able to meet the logistical and marking needs of the heavy industry.

The hydraulic system with continuous and automatic ink mixing, equipped with a stirrer and a high-performance recirculation pump, prevents pigment sedimentation and the consequent risk of clogging.


The system is controlled by a special version of the Orkestra software and specific connection cables, which allow to drive the hydraulic system and the NZP printheads. The large 10,1” colour touch screen makes it easy to create messages, enter data, select and monitor printing processes.

The NZP printheads guarantee permanent and perfectly readable prints on dark non-absorbent surfaces, using special pigmented inks. They can print high-contrast alphanumeric texts and logos with a maximum height of 120 mm on surfaces, even irregular, curved or uneven of extruded, automotive and steel products.




Industrial product, designed to adapt to the most hostile work environments, such as plants with high technical requirements. The sturdy steel structure, hermetically sealed, hinders the action of external agents and is not affected by the shocks and vibrations to which the production line is often subjected.


Both the hardware and the software are designed according to measures aimed at preserving and enhancing the physical and chemical properties of the pigmented inks, which require a hydraulic system with continuous and automatic mixing.


The simultaneous management of 2 7, 16 or 32 dot NZP heads makes it possible to work simultaneously on two different production lines, or mark the packaging on one or more sides, while being able to count on a wide range of obtainable print heights, between 5 and 120 mm.

Easy integration

The structure and the solid construction, the multiple connectivity and field connection options, the advanced features of Orkestra allow for quick and easy installation, even in the presence of high line speeds and confined spaces.

Easy to use

The coding experience is driven by Orkestra, an intuitive and customisable software, accessible via touch screen with smartphone technology, equipped with online support and video tutorials for immediate use even by less specialised operators.

Low operating costs

The excellent structural characteristics of the system minimise the frequency and extent of maintenance, ensure continuity of production and reduce downtime. The Orkestra diagnostics and reporting modules help keep consumption and expenses under control.



The fast-drying, high-adhesion Zanasi pigmented inks, available in white and yellow, allow Z408 Pi to produce durable prints, with high contrast and readability, on industrial products with a generally non-porous and dark surface, such as metal pipes, plates and beams, plastic tubes and bars and rubber products.



Management of 1 or 2 7, 16 or 32 dot heads
Up to 10 lines of print
Character height from 5 to 120 mm
Product speed up to 180 m/min
10,1” TFT colour LED display with touch screen
Continuous ink mixing system
Ink tank capacity: 10 or 20 lt
Special pigmented ink management
RS232 serial, Ethernet and USB communication


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