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In order to ensure the best conditions of transparency in providing its products, and in conformity with its company policy, Zanasi has decided to apply a “Product Responsibility” design program, with a view to increasing ink safety and compliance, responding to market developments and regulatory requirements to bring added value to the market and the customers.

The dedicated staff of the Research & Development Chemical Department in Sassuolo (MO) is committed to maintaining the highest compliance standards of the raw materials used. Always up to date, it is able to provide the market with detailed information on the substances used to ensure maximum safety for users.

As a guarantee, the company conceives and develops consumables according to the laws governing the use of chemical products, in full compliance with what is laid down in the Community directive RoHS 2 2011/65/UE, which restricts the use of different substances regarded as dangerous to health and hazardous for the environment.

Moreover, all Zanasi products are REACH compliant, which means that all substances in our products have been registered or are exempted from registration requirements and therefore not regarded as dangerous.

In response to the need to preserve the integrity of those who daily come into direct contact with chemical products and enable its partners and customers to comply with applicable laws regarding the use of our products, Zanasi took concrete action becoming a member of EuPIA, the European Association that represents the manufacturers of printing inks.

The company is committed to manufacturing inks in accordance with the regulatory requirements relating to consumables and to the use of chemical products in terms of safety, such as the Exclusion Policy, that provides for the exclusion of certain raw materials regarded as harmful to human health from the formulation of printing inks.

GMP – Compliance with the good manufacturing practices

Covering areas such as the selection of raw materials, the selection of suppliers and complete traceability at all stages of production, the GMP represent a complete quality assurance system.

The main objective of the GMP is to ensure safety and compliance with existing regulations for Food Contact packaging. Zanasi formulates and manufactures consumables applying the GMP in accordance with the EuPIA guidelines and the EU regulation 2023/2006 on the good manufacturing practices for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food products.

The product is constantly monitored, reworked and perfected to keep in line with the evolution of regulations, ensuring our customers the supply of always updated and safe inks for use in their applications.

In support of its “Ink Policy” Zanasi has released an official document attesting the conformity of Zanasi inks to the above mentioned directives, which can be consulted and downloaded.

GMP coccarda


The consumables, together with Zanasi printing systems, are manufactured to always provide quality results and are adjusted according to the specific applications, to guarantee high coding performance in the different production processes.

A complete offer of Water based, Mek based, Mek-free, Pigmented, Food Contact, Food Grade, fast drying inks, for dark surfaces, recyclable packaging, thermochromic packaging and for all types of substrate.

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