Configure the user interface with the features suitable for your business using Orkestra software platform.

The Orkestra software platform is open, configurable and implementable, up to the single functions, so it is possible to adapt the different components to individual needs, for a unique and personal product.

The editor, configuration, connection, reporting and data transfer modules are developed according to proven usability logics to simplify interaction and learning.

The Orkestra software is programmed to be flexible and follow the modularity of the system: a new marking requirement, printing new packaging or expanding connections. According to your needs, it is possible to expand the hardware of the printing system and automatically update the Orkestra software with the new modules to upgrade and manage new features.

Orkestra evolves with the production context and the modules can be purchased separately at any time, to maintain the software ALWAYS NEW, at clear and programmable costs.


The touch user interface simplifies interaction and the editor is designed to automate the creation of standard messages, limiting data entry solely to the variable field. Each message will be parameterised and stored according to the specific needs of each production process.


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Tailored to the Operator

The interface can be customised by activating the modules corresponding to the skills of each company figure. The interactive functions simplify communication between technology and operator, for immediate learning and significant reduction of mistakes, even where technical skills are required.

Reduction of management costs

The reduction of repetitive functions and ease of use lower training costs and eliminate the need for external support. The software is programmed to report faults and help the operator resolve them autonomously, without having to resort to technical assistance.

Guaranteed uptime

The printer is able to recognise the environment in which it is located and the best uptime is guaranteed by control and self-setting systems which, together with Orkestra's real-time monitoring, preserve the best parameters and ensure high printing performance.

Always Interconnected

Its advanced connection features and software readiness have been developed to meet Industry 4.0 requirements. Orkestra interacts with connected devices or with internal management systems, simplifying data exchange and reducing the costs associated with the introduction of new tools.

Management tool

Detailed reporting provides usage statistics related to system performance and diagnostics information, open data comparable with other company information, becoming a business tool to take corrective actions aimed at optimising productivity.

Preventive Maintenance

Monitoring and recording the activities of the printer allow you to monitor its performance and plan future maintenance. The dates for scheduled maintenance are automatically indicated by the printer, which anticipates the occurrence of downtime at inappropriate times.


Orkestra Remote can be installed on devices such as PCs or laptops; it remotely manages and controls Orkestra based printing systems.
The operator views the software pages exactly as they appear on the system display, with full control of all available functions, such as creating and sending messages, monitoring the status of the printer and, of course, turning the system on and off.



– Message editing pre-set for different production lines

– Zero learning time

– Alarm monitoring/resolution

– Switching on and off operations

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