The world of construction uses building materials with different features, from classic hollow bricks, ceramic, wood, cement, concrete and steel to more innovative ones such as polymers and biomaterials. Modern trends and the architectural project evolution have also affected building industry projects with technological building choices which include energy efficiency and sustainability, resulting in the advent of new materials.

New requirements have also transformed the processing systems with the introduction of treatment and transformation technology capable of modifying and improving the intrinsic features of construction building material. This means that marking solutions must take into consideration normal production conditions involving particularly difficult and dusty environments, with very high temperatures and continuous fluctuations in temperature, and thus adapt to new transformation processes.

Zanasi inkjet marking systems have been created, with technical project specifications, to guarantee high performance, uniform and constant marking even in particularly extreme environments. The heavy-duty structure made entirely of stainless steel, with a high IP rating, is resistant to humidity, dust and high temperatures.

The Zanasi inkjet marking system adapts to the installation environment as do the automatic adjustment systems which adapt to temperature variations and help maintain continuity in the production process, making the system suitable for continuous production processes, 24 hours a day. The reliability of the system is guaranteed by the availability of a wide range of quick-drying inks to print logos and alphanumeric texts and ensure perfect adhesion on any material, even when using water-based inks.

Highly flexible solutions which guarantee the sector access to:

- quick-drying inks, ensuring perfect adhesion, resistance to heat and post-processing treatments of the product;

- simple and automatic creation of messages for product customisation with complex codes, batch numbers and 2D codes;

- clear and well-defined printing for traceability, regulatory coding, quality marks and company logos;

- simplified maintenance to cut system management costs and avoid increasing product costs.

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