The dynamic large character solution with a multi-head modular structure.


The Z408 system is designed to provide long-term, high-level performance in even the most hostile work environments. It can control, in variable combinations, all types of NZ heads (up to 4), making it an ideal solution for simultaneously managing multiple production lines, or printing up to 10 lines on different sides of the packaging, with a printing range between 5 and 190 mm.

The compact stainless steel cabinet features internal ventilation and a high degree of IP protection, making the system particularly resistant to the infiltration of dust and water, humidity and high temperatures. As a result, the Z408 offers excellent reliability and minimal downtime–perfectly aligned with the logistical and marking needs of any production company.


The interaction with Z408 is simple and intuitive thanks to Orkestra, the revolutionary management software with a customizable user interface for each operator. The modern 10.1” colour touch screen display allows access to the graphic editor to create messages, images and shapes, facilitates data entry and the selection of printing processes.

NZ printheads can print alphanumeric texts, barcodes and logos with a maximum height of 190 mm on absorbent (paper, cardboard, wood), semi-absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces (PVC, polyester, rubber, aluminium, steel, glass, ceramic) thanks to the use of a wide range of inks.




An industrial product designed to effectively meet printing needs on secondary packaging even in the most demanding contexts, such as plants with high technical requirements, guaranteeing durability and reliability in order to always keep up with the pace of production.


Independent management of up to four 7 or 16 dot NZ printheads, or two 32 dot printheads, or one 48 dot printhead, for a total of 24 different configurations possible. In addition to the standard model, the heads are also available in the NZT (``TILT”) version with 5 inclination levels, to obtain as many print heights.

Remote management

The printer is managed, controlled and monitored directly from the console using Orkestra, or remotely using Orkestra Remote interface software for PCs and laptops. The operator sees the same screens that appear on the system’s display for a complete control of all functions.

Full integration

The solid construction, the high connectivity via Ethernet, USB and serial ports and the advanced features of Orkestra for interaction with external devices, make it easy to insert the system in the most varied production contexts, making it particularly suitable for OEM integrations.

Easy to use

The large touch screen display makes it easy to operate the printer via the Orkestra software’s intuitive and customizable interface. Available online support and video tutorials make it possible for even inexperienced personnel to quickly learn and use.


Solid and reliable construction, optimized system management and minimal maintenance ensure continuous production and limit downtime. The new coding experience led by Orkestra and Orkestra Remote simplifies and speeds up personnel training and daily work.



The wide range of fast-drying, high-adhesion water-, alcohol- and solvent-based inks allows Z408 to print high quality texts, barcodes and logos on any type of surface. Particularly suitable to mark paper and plastic bags, cardboard packaging, wooden profiles, laminates and sheets, panels, construction and extruded materials, the system guarantees efficiency and reliability in numerous applications and sectors, such as metallurgical, extrusion, construction, petrochemical, ceramic, cement, food, livestock and automotive.

Big bags PE
Big bags PE


Simultaneous management of 4 NZ printheads
Up to 10 lines of print
Character height from 5 to 190 mm
Product speed up to 180 m/min
Prints texts, barcodes, logos
10.1” TFT colour LED display with touch screen
AISI 304 stainless steel structure
Customizable user interface for each operator
Ethernet LAN, RS232 serial and USB communication


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