The environmental conditions of the extrusion and metalworking sector are particularly demanding to face, the manufacturing and transformation processes are continuous and performed on hot or cold material. The marking solutions must consider production conditions characterized by particularly difficult and dusty environments, with very high temperatures and continuous thermal excursions, and adapt to transformation processes that require constant, fast and uninterrupted printing.

Zanasi inkjet marking systems have been developed with specific project techniques, to ensure high performance and uniform and constant marking even in particularly extreme environments. The solid structure entirely made of stainless steel, equipped with a high IP protection range, resists humidity, dust and high temperatures.

The needs for coding and marking cables, extruded products and metals are many and varied.
The products must bear, in addition to the product specifications required by law, the lot codes and production dates, the technical and measurement information, the identification data with the logo and brand of the product. The readability of this information and the resistance over time are essential for the manufacturer. Zanasi inkjet marking systems help companies improve the accuracy of coding, reduce errors, ensure a quality product on the market.

A fast, versatile and long-lasting coding

Zanasi inkjet coding systems respond in a versatile way to the requests for numerous and different data to be printed:

- the intuitive interface of the printers allows operators a simple and easy programming of messages;

- allows you to print barcodes, logos, alphanumeric texts, counters, managing multiple types of fonts and character heights;

- returns high quality prints on curved or irregular surfaces with small and sharp characters even on a limited print area.

High tenacity special inks

Marking for the extrusion and metals sector requires greater attention in the choice of ink due to the variety of different materials used and the particularly difficult operating and storage conditions. The pigmented inks specially made by Zanasi are able to guarantee a superior print quality and greater contrast even in extreme operating conditions. They do not leave fingerprints in the rolling phase, triple the resistance to atmospheric agents and remain for the entire life cycle of the product.