The choice of secondary packaging material in the chemical products sector is basically decided based on the chemical features of the product being packaged and the strength of the packaging during storage and transport. The chemical industry, especially for household cleaning, is taking increasingly care to offer sustainable products that are practical in use, where the shape of the packaging and delivery systems are designed to prevent waste and excesses.

The diversification of products and the wide variety of packaging used (plastic, cellulose and metal packaging), including the use of a good percentage of recycled polymer, calls for a particularly flexible marking solution for the different types of packaging, depending on the product to be marked.

Zanasi optimises requests, quality and flexibility:

- Clear and visible marking but in keeping with the packaging design, which is especially important for the sector.

- Special inks to increase contrast and permanence on substrates which are difficult to mark, and where any spillage of the product may eliminate the marked code.

- In-line printing flexibility for format change.

- Reduction of maintenance and system management costs to avoid affecting product costs.

Zanasi also offers key support for the implementation of the CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) regulation. This deals with the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures with the best technology to identify chemical products which contain mixtures that are dangerous or harmful to consumers with a unique code, as laid down by the UFI Regulations.

Chemical Industry

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