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A Work of Art! The exclusive ultra-high resolution system for the complete printing and customisation of secondary packaging, multipacks and primary products in real time.


The high-resolution system designed to meet traceability and communication requirements on secondary packaging.
Z640PLUS e-JET system uses high-contrast patented inks that can be used to reproduce any text, barcode or graphic, in high definition, for the complete branding of the product.

The system is equipped with a stand-alone console, which can manage up to 2 Graph e-JET printheads with a working range up to 50 mm (2”) or 102 mm (4”), to adapt to the most diverse printing areas and mark the product on one or both sides of one or two independent production lines.

Ritaglio display Z640 eng


The management of the system and the entire printing process is entrusted to the industrial computer built into a solid stainless steel console, consisting of a simple, efficient and customisable user interface, with a colour touch screen display and the Windows® 10 ‘IoT’ Enterprise operating system, developed to simplify and speed up the daily activities of the operator.

The advanced piezoelectric technology and sturdy stainless steel structure make the Graph e-JET heads suitable for operation in any environment, to print alphanumeric texts and logos, in high definition, as well as barcodes that are perfectly traceable, legible and that comply with GS1 standards.



Certified coding and traceability

Printing complex barcodes, certified and in compliance with GS1 standards, that are perfectly legible and traceable throughout the supply chain, reduces the costs associated with returning goods especially for companies that export all over the world.

Everlasting printhead

The core of the Graph e-JET head is the nozzle plate, unique in its kind because it is made of stainless steel and is completely inspectable and repairable. During ordinary work cycles, its durable structure guarantees an average life of up to 10 years.


The system is available in multiple and combined configurations for customisation on any side of the packaging, even from top to bottom. Graph e-JET printheads can be installed in different positions and orientations according to the specific needs.

Remote assistance

The Z640PLUS e-JET printing system includes the TeamViewer program thanks to which the ZANASI support service can connect remotely, in a fast and safe way, to make adjustments and check for faults in real time.

Industry 4.0

The multiple connections and the Windows® 10 ‘IoT’ Enterprise operating system installed on the console make the printer ready to communicate with management programs and to respond to future requests and applications of the Industry 4.0 world.

Reduced costs

Minimal storage of different packaging, reduced need for labels, automatic calculation of the printing cost in real time, minimal maintenance thanks to the self-cleaning printhead, all with high printing quality.



The wide range of high-contrast, fast-drying and high-adhesion inks ensure high printing quality performance and meet the packaging traceability and communication requirements for numerous sectors such as food, beverage, home and personal care, cosmetics, chemical.

Latte Italiano
Latte Italiano


Management of up to 2 printheads
Print height up to 102 mm (4”)
High-definition printing up to 600 Dpi
Prints GS1 compliant barcodes, logos and texts
Message storage: 50 GB available memory
Side and downward printing
IP54 - AISI 304 stainless steel console structure
12,1” colour touch screen display
Ethernet LAN, RS232 serial and USB communication


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