Industrial coding and marking solutions that remove all space, language and culture barriers, offering a product that is easy to use, accessible to everyone and respectful of the environment in which we live.

“Research and Development in ZANASI means taking and combining pre-existing technologies, thinking outside the box, to create innovative products, simple and reliable.”


ZANASI is the Italian company at the service of the manufacturing industry: Made in Italy in the world of marking, coding and product traceability.
Founded in 1978, ZANASI technology is fully made in Italy, a value recognised worldwide, determined by the skill and passion of people, a specialised and enterprising staff, who write the history of inkjet printing daily.


The identity of manufacturers stems from our being the creators and manufacturers of technologically advanced products that leave our Research & Development department, thanks to the constant attention to market needs. The ability to combine pre-existing elements and technologies in new combinations is our own concept of innovation and creativity, with the aim of creating different, transparent, simple and above all useful solutions for our customers.

Daily actions narrate our story


The experience gained and a highly specialised internal technical department allow us to study and create tailor-made solutions, supporting the customer in all project phases.


technical projects developed together with manufacturers of packaging lines


meters of “code” written for our software


unique chemical formulations developed


hours of research each year dedicated to ink development


Our home is the world. The international technical-sales team offers a high added value support service through a network of partners worldwide.


countries where we have exported the name ZANASI


pizzas tasted together with our distributors around the world


handshakes exchanged around the world


million miles in flights to be closer to our partners


Thinking about the customer, acting quickly to reduce downtime, installation and maintenance time through the development of new services aimed at efficiency and digitisation of assistance, even remotely.


“Good morning, ZANASI” wished by our support and customer care staff


football pitches filled with our print tests


well-deserved coffees thanks to the timely solutions we have offered


hours of training planned each year by our technicians


At ZANASI we firmly believe in sustainable development as a future economic model that can be compatible with the preservation of the environment and of free goods for future generations.


barrels of oil saved in one year to produce our cartridges with 50% less plastic


trees saved by our high-resolution marking solutions


tons of CO2 saved through consumable containers that allow the mechanical recycling of plastic


of our daily commitment to facilitate packaging recycling

Manufacturing excellence

ZANASI’s commitment to excellence and quality is reflected in its constant commitment to the development of new products aligned with new technological trends in digital manufacturing.

This requires anticipating the needs of the market and taking the necessary measures to meet the expectations of our customers. Active participation in the main industrial associations provides continuous improvement of the skills within the R&D company structure.

ZANASI, as a UCIMA associate, engages with Italian manufacturers of packing and packaging machines to discuss and resolve common problems, to define strategies and policies for the benefit of the entire sector.

Certified competence

The collaboration with leading manufacturing companies has allowed ZANASI to achieve high quality standards and to promote itself as a competent partner recognised worldwide for its particular attention to customer satisfaction.

In 2015, the ISO 9001 certification sealed our design and production system to provide technologically advanced solutions, combined with expertise that ensures that all the business functions work in harmony to guarantee a high level of customer service. All this thanks to an enterprise with solid collaborators, today with more than 70 employees who, with their professionalism and expertise, have contributed to the consolidation of the company.



A team of compliance specialists is dedicated to monitoring the regulations, both nationally and internationally, and takes steps to ensure the provision of products and services that meet the highest standards of compliance to protect maximum user safety.

ZANASI, in order to ensure the best conditions of transparency in the supply of its products, has decided to apply a “Product Responsibility” design program both for marking systems and for the production of consumables, in full compliance with the provisions of the European Community Directive RoHS 2 2011/65/EU, which limits the use of various substances considered hazardous to health and polluting of the environment.

As a member of the European Printing Inks Association (EuPIA), ZANASI formulates and produces consumables by applying GMPs in accordance with the EuPIA guidelines and the European Regulation 2023/2006 on good manufacturing practices for materials and items intended to come into contact with food products.