Sustainable innovation focused on the customer

Industrial coding and marking solutions that remove all space, language and culture barriers, offering a product that is easy to use, accessible to everyone and respectful of the environment in which we live: a vision of the future which is the root of our approach to sustainable innovation.

We shape our vision through a planning that we share with our customers, gathering their needs and their daily challenges to provide a concrete contribution: a support to the productive industries in achieving the sustainability objectives linked to the efficiency of resources and operational activities.

To pursue this common goal, the Zanasi Research & Development Department combines pre-existing technologies, thinking outside the box to create ever more innovative, simple and reliable products.

Our focus on new construction standards has determined the overcoming of the predefined product concept, towards a new platform for industrial marking: modular, configurable and re-configurable over time, with interchangeable components and an ergonomic industrial design, essential to favor the interaction of operators with the marking system.

Responsible marking: the operator at the center of the project

To overcome the new market challenges related to productivity optimization, the industry requires tools that are increasingly easier to use, with advanced integrated features, designed to simplify and limit errors in the daily activities of operators.
The relationship between object and user within the production process is a fundamental component of Zanasi’s innovative approach, aimed at integrating people’s needs with the possibilities offered by technology, minimizing the possibility of error.

Our role is to place the operator at the center of the sustainable innovation project. Intuitiveness and ease of use are the basis of the industrial design developed by Zanasi which – in line with the most innovative studies on functional and ergonomic design – allows to:

  • instinctively enable a physical action on the device
  • automate repetitive actions
  • reduce learning time
  • facilitate movement ensuring safety.

The Industrial Design tailored to the operator and the platform of the marking system, structurally interchangeable and transformable, offer the possibility of integrating, modifying and replacing the individual parts several times, to get the most out of the technology made available. The non-obvious goal is to improve the product’s sustainability throughout its entire life cycle, making it adaptable to possible technological innovations or production changes at any time.