The packaging for primary packaging and individual products has a protective, storage and, above all, communicative function. The information on the packaging, which is a communication tool, must help the consumer to understand the content in a simple and immediate way. Manufacturers require reliability and precision in marking, especially the printing of correct and clear codes positioned in the designated space to maintain the visual appeal of the package, reducing waste and line management costs.

Zanasi optimises quality and flexibility, offering coding solutions that can be easily integrated into the line, that can print accurately even on curved and irregular surfaces and on a variety of materials used for personal care products, depending on their method of use.

Easy-to-use systems. The software interface editor is designed to automate the creation of standard messages and to store each message according to the specific needs of each production process, thus reducing errors and optimising the management of format changes.


The variety of HDPE plastic materials, now increasingly replaced by PE or PET, meets the demand for differentiated packaging. The flexibility of Zanasi small character systems (CIJ) allows you to accurately manage the coding on irregular shapes, such as caps, on labels, under the base or directly on the packages.

Production data and batches for personal care products is commonly printed directly on the plastic packaging during filling. The printhead can be installed in different positions on the production line to print codes and variable data clearly and at high speed anywhere on the packaging or directly on the label.

The plastic substrates are very variable and highly viscous. They therefore require a customised assessment of the ink adhesion, which is verified by the TestLab of the Chemical Department on the individual customer packaging. The dedicated ink formulation, combined with the reliability of small character inkjet systems, is a guarantee of long-lasting quality coding, and of the best performance result even in very humid environments.



The growing interest in environmental issues has led to a continuous growth in flexible packaging due to less use of plastic, including single-dose packs that cut down on product waste, take up less space and are easily transported.

The ease of integration into packaging machines and flow-packs for both small character CIJ and Thermal InkJet TIJ systems allows you to print variable data, product information, lot and expiry dates, barcodes directly on numerous types of film or flexible packaging.

Dedicated quick-drying or solvent resistant inks make it possible to retain the code even if rubbed or in the presence of alcohol-based products, to ensure correct information to the consumer.



The box is still the most commonplace secondary presentation packaging, essential in the communication system for the sector, an attractive packaging, with lots of images that provide instant information about the content and functionality of the product.

Zanasi inkjet marking systems, which can be easily integrated into cartoning machines, can print a simple or complex high resolution coding with TIJ technology or small characters with CIJ technology on any type of cardboard, including coloured or treated boxes, using high contrast inks to make the marking more visible. The customisation of the boxes with variable data and barcodes with production and traceability information, but above all the possibility of adding seasonal messages, simplifies the management of pre-printed packages, reduces stock and the relevant associated costs.

The systems have been designed with self-regulation mechanisms and reduction of the internal parts requiring maintenance, or the complete absence of maintenance to keep the performance and efficiency of the printing system constant over time, which is essential in the intensive seasonal production stages, with continuous changeovers of product and packaging types.



Cardboard packaging, as a simple tool for logistical and information needs, has assumed an increasingly important role as a vehicle for communication and branding, without foregoing the focus on aesthetics and image uniformity.

To meet the numerous requests for customisation and printing on cardboard boxes, trays and labels, Zanasi offers a complete line of low and high resolution printing systems.

The systems, designed to print text, barcodes, logos and images of different heights, use Drop on Demand piezoelectric printing technology, ensuring robustness and reliability for highly defined high-resolution printing, as well as perfectly traceable, readable and GS1 standard-compliant barcodes, on porous and non-porous surfaces.

The Thermal InkJet range of systems is capable of adhering perfectly to any surface of packaging and multipacks. They incorporate the control unit and ink cartridge in a small space, allowing the latter to be replaced in a matter of seconds, offering high resolution printing up to 900 Dpi of alphanumeric characters and high quality data matrix.

Immagine stampa su cartone sfocata_ENG_ritaglio


The wide working range of the heads allows you to take advantage of the entire printing surface available for endless customisation possibilities.

Direct printing of scannable information and barcodes on packaging gives you a real advantage that includes:

– the customisation of the message in real time

– the reduction of storage costs of pre-printed boxes

– the elimination of label costs and related management

– total traceability and identification of products on a logistics level


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