The ability to preserve the freshness of the product while maintaining the quality and nutritional properties influence the choice of the various types of packaging, even if recently, new requirements have arisen, such as the search for materials that make the packaging more attractive and recognisable.

Zanasi’s Research & Development department is constantly engaged in research to find new innovative solutions which combine the efficiency of the systems with a clear and visible marking, in the best position and in keeping with the visual appeal of the packaging, which is particularly important for the sector.

The food inks designed and manufactured in accordance with the EuPIA guidelines for printing on food packaging allow you to print clear and readable variable data on a wide range of substrates, ensuring that consumers are provided with information without altering the visual appeal and image of the packaging. The printhead can be positioned at any point on the production line for an accurate coding inside the specific space created on the package or product.

The efficiency of the production line, with frequent changeovers and replacements of packaging, is also guaranteed by the software interface editor, designed to automate the creation and selection of messages, which are parameterised according to production needs, thus reducing errors in the data entry process.


Zanasi inkjet systems, which can be easily integrated into cartoning machines, can print a simple or complex coding on any type of cardboard, including coloured or treated boxes, using high contrast inks to make the marking more visible.

Food safety is guaranteed by the use of inks for food packaging. The reduction of parts subject to maintenance and the self-regulation systems maintain consistency in the performance and efficiency of the printing system over time, so it can be used in intensive seasonal production and frequent changeovers of packaging and confectionery products.



For the confectionery sector, films, wrapping and flexible bags are the common solution for providing a simple, protective and resistant outer casing, which is easy to fill, adapts to the wide range of products and the need for in-store display.

Zanasi inkjet marking systems allow you to print the data and contents clearly in a specific space on the package, regardless of the packaging machine line speed and increase in production capacity. Quick-drying inks, specifically formulated for rapid moving production lines are suitable to keep the marking constant over time.

The wide range of films and wraps intended for multiple products require a solution that can quickly change the creation of product codes and information directly on the line or remotely, if multiple production lines are managed. The systems have a simplified interactive interface, designed to automate the creation of standard codes and to reduce interruptions during format changeovers.



Clear glass containers, in different shapes and capacities, are considered to be the best material to display contents and boost purchasing choices, as well as one of the best solutions for the safe storage of food.

For jars of jam or other confectionery products, the protective barrier is certified by the use of thermochromic inks that guarantee the safety and traceability of the product. Problem-free restarts thanks to a continuous head cleaning circuit, for a clean and reliable operation ensuring correct coding of food information, suitable for continuous changeovers of different packaging linked to seasonal operations.



Cardboard packaging, as a simple tool for logistical and information needs, has assumed an increasingly important role as a vehicle for communication and branding, without foregoing the focus on aesthetics and image uniformity.

To meet the numerous requests for customisation and printing on cardboard boxes, trays and labels, Zanasi offers a complete line of low and high resolution printing systems.

The systems, designed to print text, barcodes, logos and images of different heights, use Drop on Demand piezoelectric printing technology, ensuring robustness and reliability for highly defined high-resolution printing, as well as perfectly traceable, readable and GS1 standard-compliant barcodes, on porous and non-porous surfaces.

The Thermal InkJet range of systems is capable of adhering perfectly to any surface of packaging and multipacks. They incorporate the control unit and ink cartridge, in a small space, allowing the latter to be replaced in a matter of seconds, offering high resolution printing up to 900 Dpi of alphanumeric characters and high quality data matrix.

Immagine stampa su cartone sfocata_ENG_ritaglio


The wide working range of the heads allows you to take advantage of the entire printing surface available for endless customisation possibilities.

La stampa diretta sugli imballaggi di informazioni e di codice a barre scansionabili permette di avere un vantaggio reale che include:

Direct printing of scannable information and barcodes on packaging gives you a real advantage that includes:

– the customisation of the message in real time

– the reduction of storage costs of pre-printed boxes

– the elimination of label costs and related management

– total traceability and identification of products on a logistics level


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