Products such as detergents, paints and varnishes, inks, lubricants and grease require specific packaging offering strength, certification and approval for the transportation of hazardous goods. The marking solutions must be flexible to adapt to the different types of packaging, but above all use special ink formulations to ensure good adhesion on various surfaces, where the printed message must resist friction and temperature fluctuations during storage and transport.

Zanasi inkjet systems have been designed to print clearly and visibly even in environments with variable environmental conditions that affect the printing results. Stability and reliability are a fundamental requirement not only for marking products with information relating to traceability, but above all for the implementation of the CLP regulation.

According to the provisions of the European CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) regulation relating to the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures, products classified as dangerous with health risks or a danger to personal safety must bear a unique code called UFI, unique formula identifier.

The industry can count on design standards that include: the cabinet with high standards of protection, the automatic head cleaning process and the revolutionary mixing system to ensure consistent ink properties, which make the printer precise, stable and efficient.


Rigid plastic containers, in particular large format ones such as cans, but also bottles and jars made of PE and HDPE, are used by the sector because they are ideal for contact with chemical products, but require particular attention when it comes to printing.

The composition of this type of plastics generates highly variable substrates which are particularly viscous. The TestLab of the Chemical Department verifies the adhesion of the ink directly on the customer’s plastic packaging, to obtain the correct formulation and the best performance result even in humid environments.

The customisation of the inks, combined with the reliability of the small character inkjet systems, guarantees clear and clean coding, completeness of information and resistance to chemical agents, especially if the product is accidentally spilled.



Drums, tinplate containers and spray cans. A wide variety of packages in different shapes and sizes, cylindrical, rectangular, in large format or with limited capacity, which require highly adaptable marking solutions.

The extreme flexibility of the small character inkjet systems allows you to mark the flat, curved, regular and irregular surfaces of the different types of packaging, and to apply the print on any part of the packaging, including the concave bottom that often characterises it.

High-contrast and solvent resistant inks also make it possible to retain the code even if rubbed or in the presence of chemical agents, including inks specifically designed for large character printing aimed at producing messages visible from a distance.



Fertilizers and sealants are products packaged in bags or small bags in particularly difficult environmental conditions, with systems characterised by high technical requirements. The large character system is recognised by the market as the “conventional” and ideal solution for end-of-line marking, especially for marking bags.

The compact size and the coding throw distance up to 40 mm allow the system to be installed at the end of the line, in the most suitable position to guarantee a perfect print, on both sides and even if the bag positioned on the conveyor belt is not perfectly aligned.

The structure, made entirely of stainless steel, the standard material for all systems, is resistant to humidity, dust and high temperatures. For small bags or where a small font is required, it makes the small or large character inkjet system especially resistant, suitable for high processing standards for precision printing.

The robust construction and advanced automatic cleaning system make the heads almost completely maintenance-free, with reduced operating costs. A wide range of fast-drying inks is available to print logos and alphanumeric texts and ensure perfect adhesion on any material, even with the use of water-based inks.



Cardboard packaging, as a simple tool for logistical and information needs, has assumed an increasingly important role as a vehicle for communication and branding, without foregoing the focus on aesthetics and image uniformity.

To meet the numerous requests for customisation and printing on cardboard boxes, trays and labels, Zanasi offers a complete line of low and high resolution printing systems.

The systems, designed to print text, barcodes, logos and images of different heights, use Drop on Demand piezoelectric printing technology, ensuring robustness and reliability for highly defined high-resolution printing, as well as perfectly traceable, readable and GS1 standard-compliant barcodes, on porous and non-porous surfaces.

The Thermal InkJet range of systems is capable of adhering perfectly to any surface of packaging and multipacks. They incorporate the control unit and ink cartridge in a small space, allowing the latter to be replaced in a matter of seconds, offering high resolution printing up to 900 Dpi of alphanumeric characters and high quality data matrix.

Immagine stampa su cartone sfocata_ENG_ritaglio


The wide working range of the heads allows you to take advantage of the entire printing surface available for endless customisation possibilities.

Direct printing of scannable information and barcodes on packaging gives you a real advantage that includes:

– the customisation of the message in real time

– the reduction of storage costs of pre-printed boxes

– the elimination of label costs and related management

– total traceability and identification of products on a logistics level


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