The elegance and transparency of glass containers showcase the distinctive traits of well-known brands of wine, beer, spirits and other alcoholic beverages. An irreplaceable packaging solution in various shapes, colours and volumes, to ensure the best shelf life and, above all, to differentiate the product.

Frequent production changes due to different formats call for high flexibility on the part of the coding systems. Zanasi responds to the requirements requested for printing on glass with continuous inkjet marking systems (CIJ) which guarantee:

Easy integration: the shape of the printhead makes it possible to position it at any point on the line, even in confined spaces

Simplified interface to facilitate the quick changeover of print messages

Perfect legibility of the coding in keeping with the product graphics and brand image

Printing speed and increase in production capacity

Less maintenance through self-regulation systems to maintain the efficiency of the printer

The formulation of dedicated inks for marking on glass, such as fast-drying and high-contrast inks, resistant to condensation, makes it possible to guarantee permanent coding on any type of glass with different colours, from transparent to dark green.

The environmental aspect should also be taken into account; the use of glass, reusable and recyclable, is seen as a virtuous choice from an environmentally-friendly point of view. Zanasi has formulated a caustic removal ink, which is soluble in the most common washing solutions, suitable for recycling and bottle filling processes.



Zanasi inkjet small character systems are extremely flexible for marking numerous types of containers with flat, curved, even and uneven surfaces. The versatility of the printhead allows it to be positioned in different points on the production line to clearly code the production data at high speed, even on small areas, such as the cap or capsule.



Ultra-fast filling and packaging lines, maximum productivity with frequent product changes, wet surfaces and the presence of condensation: these are the main challenges to be faced when providing a suitable solution for marking cans.

Zanasi’s small character inkjet coding solutions have been specifically designed to ensure system stability and efficiency, in an industry with no downtime.

Printing messages are parameterised and stored to reduce downtime during frequent product type changeovers.

The “Touch & Go” system for immediate restart, by simply touching the screen, ensures that the lines are always in operation.

The systems adapt to the environment and the temperatures in which they are installed. The self-regulation mechanisms and continuous head cleaning circuit guarantee the correct viscosity of the ink to maintain constant performance.

The formulation of dedicated inks resistant to condensation guarantees maximum adhesion on wet drums and cans, on concave bottoms and curved surfaces.



More and more professionals in the sector distribute their product in bag-in-box solutions, for practicality and convenience with no loss of quality. The characteristic square shape of the box, in addition to providing protection from impact, is light and easily stackable, which are essential features for improving logistics, transport or storage.

These types of packs create a surface on which to promote your product. Zanasi inkjet printers are able to print batch, expiration, variable data and certified and scannable barcodes directly on any substrate, in keeping with the graphics of the packaging, while respecting and enhancing the company brand.

When it comes to printing the code directly on the label or on the reel in the line, efficiency and speed are the key to guaranteeing the quality of the marking and perfect traceability of the product. The coding may vary according to the size of the print and the area available: Zanasi inkjet printing systems have 50 micron nozzles to ensure high quality even for small text.



Cardboard packaging, as a simple tool for logistical and information needs, has assumed an increasingly important role as a vehicle for communication and branding, without foregoing the focus on aesthetics and image uniformity.

To meet the numerous requests for customisation and printing on cardboard boxes, trays and labels, Zanasi offers a complete line of low and high resolution printing systems.

The systems, designed to print text, barcodes, logos and images of different heights, use Drop on Demand piezoelectric printing technology, ensuring robustness and reliability for highly defined high-resolution printing, as well as perfectly traceable, readable and GS1 standard-compliant barcodes, on porous and non-porous surfaces.

The Thermal InkJet range of systems is capable of adhering perfectly to any surface of packaging and multipacks. They incorporate the control unit and ink cartridge in a small space, allowing the latter to be replaced in a matter of seconds, offering high resolution printing up to 900 Dpi of alphanumeric characters and high quality data matrix.

Immagine stampa su cartone sfocata_ENG_ritaglio


The wide working range of the heads allows you to take advantage of the entire printing surface available for endless customisation possibilities.

Direct printing of scannable information and barcodes on packaging gives you a real advantage that includes:

– the customisation of the message in real time

– the reduction of storage costs of pre-printed boxes

– the elimination of label costs and related management

– total traceability and identification of products on a logistics level


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