High-performance printheads for the creation of graphic images at very high resolution and speed, for the complete customisation and traceability of the product.


Graph e-JET (Enhanced) printheads with high-speed piezoelectric technology for industrial use are available in the models Graph e-Jet 50, with a working range of up to 50 mm (2″), and Graph e-JET 102, with a working range of up to 102 mm (4″).

The inkjet emission is fast, constant and regular for perfect integration even in the fastest production lines. The system is capable of printing extremely defined logos and barcodes in terms of horizontal resolution up to 600 Dpi. The message is perfectly visible and legible both to the human eye and to barcode scanners.

Their small size and slim and extended shape facilitate the installation of Graph e-JET heads on any type of production line or packaging machine.

The distance from the products can reach up to 20 mm, thus limiting the impact of dust, glue and contaminants on the head, and proving to be particularly useful in cases where the printing surfaces have no guide or are not completely regular.


Graph e-JET printheads can be installed in different positions and orientations according to the specific needs.
A special guide mounted on the front helps keep the product stable as it passes, to ensure regular and precise printing.

Installation flexibility allows you to set the message to be printed from left to right or vice versa, according to the direction of the product.

Unique in their kind, in addition to traditional printing on the side of the product, the Graph e-JET heads can be set up for marking from top to bottom, allowing to customise any side of the packaging.

In addition to the standard version, they are also available in the “remote” version, i.e. with an extended support bracket, to be used also in confined spaces and reach even the least accessible production lines.

The Z640PLUS e-JET console drives up to two heads simultaneously, allows to enter the same messages for both, or to manage them independently and to create different messages for one and the other from a single console.

For applications on non-absorbent surfaces, each printhead comes with an accessory developed specifically for this purpose,
the Z-CURE UV lamp with a compact LED design. The lamp, which is secured right next to the head, instantly dries the message on the surface by emitting a beam of ultraviolet light.



Easy integration

The compact structure is made of stainless steel, with patented impact resistance and an exclusive head heating system, so that it can be built into multiple types of systems and machinery and guarantee perfect performance even in the heaviest industrial environments.

Simplified maintenance

Graph e-JET printheads are equipped with a stainless steel nozzle plate that can be inspected and repaired in all its parts, and do not include modules to be completely replaced once a pre-established deadline has been reached.


The automatic purge function with ink recovery (Automatic Maintenance Purge Module™), the fast and simple replacement of ink and the need for minimal maintenance determine an important optimisation of consumption and operating costs.

Marketing tool

The wide working range of the heads allows for the entire printing surface to be used, while the high-performance motors offer printing results with very high resolution and contrast, for endless customisation possibilities.



Z640PLUS e-JET is compatible with a wide range of high-contrast, fast-drying and high-adhesion inks for porous surfaces (paper, cardboard, wood) and with Curable UV inks for non-porous surfaces (coated cardboard, flexible film, plastic packaging, polystyrene foam) by means of the curing process using the Z-CURE UV lamp. The industries that most require the features of Z640PLUS e-JET are food, beverage, home and personal care, cosmetics, chemical.

Vassoio conserva film plastico testa FDI
Vassoio conserva film plastico testa FDI


Working range up to 102 mm (4”)
Product speed up to 90 m/min
Prints Texts, Logos and Barcodes (linear and 2D)
Product - head distance up to 20 mm
Stainless steel structure
High speed piezoelectric technology
Horizontal resolution up to 600 Dpi
Side and downward printing
Built-in self-adjustment systems


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