A range of heads designed to manage special pigmented inks, eliminating the risk of sedimentation and clogging.



The ideal solution to print alphanumeric texts and logos with a font height between 5 and 120 mm directly on the moving object, depending on the model and matrix chosen.

NZP heads, all with 200 µM nozzle, are available in the following types and sizes:

7 dot NZP head, with 16 mm print height

16 dot NZP head, with 40 mm print height

32 dot NZP head, with 80, 100 or 120 mm print height

They are industrial products, exclusively compatible with the Z408 Pi printing system, made entirely of stainless steel with structural features that give excellent resistance to shocks and vibrations, which are frequent in production lines.
This allows for
perfect integration in difficult production environments, characterised by conditions such as humidity, dust and high temperatures. They can be installed to mark the product on the side, on the top (from top to bottom) or on the bottom (from bottom to top).


Based on high efficiency solenoid technology, characterised by printing speed, precision and low consumption, the NZP heads are designed to manage strong pigmented inks by means of innovative teflon hydraulic connections, quick fittings (CPC), a sensor with an M12 metric connector, a purge button with IP67 protection and a full ink recirculation function when the system is in standby.


The management and control of the heads, the creation, selection and verification of messages and the modification of settings take place directly from the console through the Orkestra software interface or from a PC or a laptop using the Orkestra Remote software.
The ability to save printing parameters in the message created reduces printing times and errors.



Printing flexibility

Up to 2 NZP heads can be connected to the same Z408 Pi console: a flexible solution, ideal to operate on two different production lines at the same time, or to print multiple lines on different sides of the packaging.


Structure entirely made of stainless steel, equipped with a high range of IP protection, engineered to operate perfectly in difficult contexts and preserve a high-performance level over time.


NZP heads do not require frequent maintenance: the technology applied to the internal hydraulics, the advanced cleaning system and automatic calibration for each nozzle prevent pigment sedimentation and therefore clogging.

Reduced operating costs

In case of need, the NZP head is easy to clean, it can be opened completely and is fully repairable in each part, without requiring the purchase of entire modules or a new head.



NZP printheads allow you to print alphanumeric texts and logos with a maximum height of 120 mm. Thanks to the use of high-contrast pigmented inks, available in white and yellow, they deliver durable and high-contrast prints on non-porous and dark surfaces, even irregular, typical of extruded products made of plastic, rubber, steel and metal.



Prints up to 120 mm
Product - head distance up to 35 mm
Console - head distance up to 10 m
Prints alphanumeric texts and logos
Side, downward and upward printing
High efficiency solenoid technology
High precision nozzles made of synthetic ruby
Total ink recirculation system
AISI 304 stainless steel structure


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