A complete range of heads designed to deliver high quality printing results in the most hostile environments, and keep them unchanged over time.


They are industrial products, made entirely of stainless steel with structural features that give excellent resistance to shocks and vibrations, which are frequent on production lines. This allows for perfect integration even in difficult production environments, characterised by conditions such as humidity, dust or high temperatures. They can be installed to mark the product on the side, on the top (from top to bottom) or on the bottom (from bottom to top), at a maximum distance of 35 mm.

The ideal solution to print alphanumeric texts, barcodes and logos with a font height between 5 and 190 mm directly on the moving object, depending on the model and matrix chosen.


NZ heads are available in the following types and sizes, with a 150 µM or 200 µM nozzle:

– 7 dot NZ head, with print height 12, 16 or 20 mm

– 16 dot NZ head, with print height 40, 50 or 60 mm

– 32 dot NZ head, with print height 80, 100 or 120 mm

– 48 dot NZ head, with print height 190 mm

Based on high efficiency solenoid technology, characterised by printing speed, precision and low consumption, NZ heads guarantee perfect operation with any type of ink and do not require frequent maintenance, ensuring optimal and constant printing performance on any type of surface.

Multiple NZ heads can be connected to the same console, in variable combinations: a flexible solution, ideal in contexts characterised by the presence of multiple production lines, or when it is required to print multiple lines on the different sides of the packaging.


The management and control of the heads, the creation, selection and verification of messages and the modification of settings take place directly from the console through the Orkestra software interface or from a PC or a laptop using the Orkestra Remote software. The ability to save printing parameters in the message created reduces printing times and errors.


Testa NZ 16 punti con staffa rotazione

with ONE head… multiple print heights!

In addition to the standard model, for the NZ heads the NZT (“TILT”) version is provided, which differs due to the additional 120 µM nozzle size and due to the presence of a special support bracket, which allows the head to be tilted in order to decrease the space between the dots that form the font and achieve a lower print.

The bracket is equipped with 5 holes by means of which it is possible to turn the head in 5 different positions, to obtain as many heights:

– 7 dot NZT head, with 7, 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm print height

– 16 dot NZT head, with 16, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm print height

– 32 dot NZT head, with 32, 60, 80, 100 and 120 mm print height

– 48 dot NZT head, with 50, 90, 120, 150 and 190 mm print height

For the management of NZT heads, a dedicated menu has been developed and added to the Orkestra software, which allows to select the printhead(s) and set the desired height.



Printing flexibility

Wide range of models and sizes to cover multiple print heights and make messages from the simplest to the most complex. Possibility to combine heads in different configurations for the simultaneous management of multiple production lines or to print multiple sides of the same packaging, with direction from the side, top or bottom.


Structure entirely made of stainless steel, equipped with a high range of IP protection, engineered to operate perfectly in difficult contexts and preserve a high-performance level over time. Over 10 years of service life without the need for significant maintenance.

Reduced operating costs

Their solid construction and advanced automatic cleaning system make the heads almost completely maintenance-free. The automatic cleaning and calibration system for each nozzle and the welding technique applied to the tubes protect the internal hydraulics, which do not get clogged and do not suffer damage and leakage, even if the head is hit.

Simplified maintenance

The established high efficiency solenoid technology reduces consumption, and in case of need the NZ head is easy to clean, it can be opened completely and is fully repairable in each part, without requiring the purchase of entire modules or a new head.



NZ printheads allow to print alphanumeric texts, barcodes and logos with a maximum height of 190 mm on absorbent (paper, cardboard, wood), semi-absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces (PVC, polyester, rubber, aluminium, steel, glass, ceramic) thanks to the use of a wide range of fast-drying and high-adhesion inks.



Print height up to 190 mm
Product - head distance up to 35 mm
Console - head distance up to 10 m
Prints texts, barcodes, logos
Side, downward and upward printing
AISI 304 stainless steel nozzle plate
High precision nozzles made of synthetic ruby
AISI 304 stainless steel structure
High efficiency solenoid technology


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