Good to FOOD: food coding becomes simple

To overcome the new challenges of the market, the food industry requires tools that are increasingly easy to use, with advanced integrated functions, to streamline productive activities.
CIJ.Z is the “good” marking system for the Food market, because it is modulated on the functions which are essential to the coding process, designed responsibly, tailored to the operator, to make its use simple and error-proof.
The design process is based on the concept of User Friendly Industrial Design in a radical way, to reduce the technological barriers between device and operator, eliminating all that is superfluous, through the meticulous simplification of the HMI. 


CIJ.Z is the world’s only configurable and reconfigurable system, qualified for ink management in accordance with GMP standards: an Italian excellence at the service of the agri-food Made in Italy, a sector that plays a strategic role for the national economy and for export, as a vehicle of Made in Italy all over the world.

The challenges that manufacturers in the food sector have to face are those of a market that requires the adoption of distribution models different from the past, products with a nutritional value that requires an increasingly vital innovation in the field of the transformation of raw materials, a radical transparency to guarantee the origin of the product and therefore an uncompromising traceability, an increasingly recognizable packaging under the sign of sustainability.

The perfectly readable and durable print of variable codes, batch and expiration dates on multiple types of sustainable substrates, even recycled, is guaranteed by consumables formulated in the Research & Development Chemical Department with particular attention to the aspect of sustainability.

Good, clear and always interconnected

Frequent product changes and the reduced downtime on food production lines require a fast and easy-to-use marking tool.
Thanks to Design Thinking as an approach to design, seasonal operators don’t require a specific training: the system is essential and proportionally functional to the user’s experience and  individual skills.

Interactive functions simplify communication between technology and operator, for an immediate learning of both the machine body and the software part, even where specific technical skills are normally required.
The printer is able to recognize the environment in which it is located and the best uptime is guaranteed by control and self-regulation systems that preserve the working parameters ensuring high printing performance in any condition, even in contexts with high temperature range, and eliminating downtime at inopportune moments. 

The Orkestra® software platform allows to speed up and facilitate interaction through a capacitive touch screen.
The editor is designed to automate the creation of messages and reduce interruptions during format changes. Each message is parameterized and stored according to the specific need of each production process.
Moreover, messages can be pre-programmed centrally, from pc or laptop, and sent to the different production lines through Orkestra Remote,
with full control of printing systems and activities.