The design that wins: CIJ.Z triumphs at the iF Design Award 2022

CIJ.Z, the first and only configurable and reconfigurable industrial printer for the marking sector, has won the iF Design Award 2022, one of the most prestigious industrial design awards worldwide. A well-deserved success, achieved with determination thanks to the teamwork between the ZANASI Research & Development Department and the designer Simone Cagnazzo, who have believed in the revolutionary idea of rethinking the concept of ergonomics and the classic styles of product design used in the coding industry.


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A record edition

Since 1954 the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF Design Award. The event is recognized as an arbiter of quality for excellent design, and the iF Design Award is one of the most important design prizes for this sector in the world.

Each year a team of independent experts from all over the world is called to identify the most deserving participants. In the 2022 edition CIJ.Z has been selected as a winner by a jury of 132 professionals, with nearly 11.000 applications submitted from 57 countries in hopes of receiving the famous seal of quality.
A record year for the iF Design Award, that for the first time has attracted so many subscriptions: a great testimony of the importance of design in these times of uncertainty and economic hardship.

Discover all this in the new CIJ.Z system

The keys to success

The guiding principle of the iF Design Award is to identify, support and promote “good” design, aimed at easing the daily use of the product, supporting the growth of companies and the strengthening of the brand identity. CIJ.Z has won the award in the discipline “Product”, in the category “Industry / Tools”, since it is designed according to the same philosophy and fully satisfies the five assessment criteria adopted by the jury:


CIJ.Z has allowed ZANASI to rationalize its whole product range positioning itself as a single modular solution, able to adapt to the different production lines, allow the creation of always new configurations and evolve as the needs of the user change, without having to be replaced.


Structure made of brushed stainless steel and black anodized aluminium, materials chosen to satisfy the eye, offer resistance to industrial environments and protect internal components. Contrasting colors and shapes visually map the points of interaction with the product, guiding and simplifying the operator’s activity.


The interaction with CIJ.Z takes place through an iPad-like user interface, where all the accessible features are proportional to the user’s experience level. The extreme intuitiveness reduces learning time by 70% and the design choice eliminates the chance of error (poka-yoke philosophy).


CIJ.Z is the world’s first and only configurable and reconfigurable industrial printer for the coding and marking sector. Its aesthetic line and Industrial Design are the formal expression of the new corporate culture built on Innovation, Collaboration, Satisfaction – the “ICS” Factor of ZANASI.


Thanks to CIJ.Z the consumer is sure of the integrity of the product purchased, that uses 30% less solvent and the world’s lightest cartridges, made with 50% less plastic, halving the disposal of hazardous waste in the environment.

The award ceremony

The “Who is Who of international design” celebrated the best participants of the 2022 edition at the legendary Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. The awards were presented on May 16 2022 during the iF Design Award Night, a glamourous gala evening attended by nearly 1.500 guests from 36 countries. Andrea Zanasi, Chief Technical & Operations Officer and father of the CIJ.Z project, represented ZANASI at the exclusive ceremony.


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