Large character inkjet printers DOD TECHNOLOGY


The consolidated solenoid technology, the forerunner of the Zanasi product range, has become, over time, the conventional solution for large character marking on secondary packaging for quality, innovation and solidity.

Industrial printing systems suitable for multiple uses, reliable and intended to last over time, designed to best meet the coding needs of secondary packaging and products with porous and non-porous surfaces, such as bags, panels, pipes, pallets, cans and drums.

Zanasi large character printing systems are simple and compact, they can manage the different NZ printhead models in variable combinations, up to a maximum of 4, proving to be a flexible and ideal solution in contexts characterised by the presence of multiple production lines, or by the need to print multiple lines on the different sides of the packaging, with a printing range up to 190 mm.

The solidity of large character systems is ensured by a structure entirely made of stainless steel, which does not fear humidity, dust or high temperatures, and by the quality of the inks that ensure even and constant marking in any environment.


Our range of industrial large character inkjet printers: