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Configurable services tailored to your needs

The management of your production line has different needs from others and requires flexible assistance, which is why ZANASI offers a wide range of services that can be individually configured according to specific needs.

A personal and unique service! The investment is focused on the selection of really useful services, with the possibility to adjust the choice of the type of technical support to future needs, without predefined packages.

We help you to optimize resources to ensure the best operating conditions of the marking systems, at certain and predictable costs.
Increase your competitive advantage with the right service configuration for your production processes.

Make Your Service!
Your business is unique and requires tailor-made services! Choose the ones that best suit your needs:


Your colleague in ZANASI

Direct support allows you to take advantage of our in-depth technological knowledge on the operation and use of systems, to solve critical issues and assess solutions to improve performance.



Customised maintenance contracts

A scheduled or periodic maintenance, an intervention with specific time frames or special maintenance to be chosen according to your needs, to have a contract that is always tailored to individual requirements.



Training for professionals by professionals

A complete program including advanced training and dedicated courses that transmit skills and practical knowledge directly from the manufacturer, to acquire greater mastery in the use of the marking system.


Our services:

A direct line to the technicians.
The dedicated experts respond personally and promptly to every request to guarantee a resolution in a short time.

Configurable service package.
The possibility to choose the most suitable solution for your organization, from telephone support to video calls, from the courtesy system to on-site technical intervention.

Consultancy and technical feasibility analysis.
Evaluation of the project in the pre- and post-sales phase, including execution of tests and printing proofs, to guarantee the most suitable solution.

Dedicated team for special projects.
Technical skills available to optimize or modernize the installed systems, both for the hardware and software part, identifying the benefits of the investment.

Your modular maintenance contract

Ad hoc contract.
Variable services, independent of each other: number of visits, scheduled maintenance, autonomous maintenance, with technician or remotely.

Exclusive maintenance.
Maintenance aimed only at services useful to reduce downtime to a minimum and maintain constant availability of the marking systems.

100% transparency.
Solutions to optimize returns on operating expenses, with maintenance costs that can be calculated and predictable over time.

Wherever you are, you have:

Tailor-made training processes.
Dedicated courses for line users at the company or at our local Training Centers, to optimize the use of the marker according to the desired requirements.

Certified training program.
Five levels of preparation divided by skills or professional figures: operator, maintenance technician, manager, distributor, manufacturer.

Periodic training plan.
Training to maintain technical skills even in the event of staff turnover, optimization or plant expansion.



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