The choice of packaging materials in the chemical industry is crucial, as it must take into account the chemical properties of the product and ensure the strength of the packaging during storage and transport. In particular, the domestic cleaning industry is increasingly oriented towards sustainable and practical products, with packaging and dispensing systems designed to prevent waste and excess.

The diversity of references and the variety of packaging require flexible industrial marking solutions. The materials used include plastics, cellulosic and metallic packaging, often with a significant percentage of recycled polymer, and it is essential that the marking solution is perfectly suited to the product to be identified.

ZANASI offers optimal solutions that meet the needs of quality and flexibility of the sector:

  • Visible and clear marking, perfectly integrated with the packaging design.
  • Special inks that increase the contrast and the permanence on substrates difficult to mark, even in the presence of product spills.
  • In-line printing flexibility to adapt quickly to changes in size.
  • Reduction of the costs of maintenance and management of the systems, to avoid affecting the final costs of the product.


Moreover, Zanasi offers important support for the implementation of the CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) regulation.

What is the CLP Regulation? This is a regulation on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures with the best technology. The purpose is to identify with a unique code chemicals containing mixtures dangerous or harmful to consumers, as established by the UFI Regulation.

The advanced technology of the ZANASI inkjet systems ensures accurate and compliant coding, respecting not only the requirements of the UFI code, but also managing variable encodings such as batches, expiration dates, barcodes and QR codes that can be scanned. Each element integrates perfectly with the graphics of the label and packaging, ensuring the safety and traceability of chemicals.

Chemical Industry

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