The beverage sector, in addition to occupying an important share of the food sector, is a very heterogeneous industry that includes the wine sector, mineral waters, beer and other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, for which packaging has become a strategic, communication and marketing variable. Furthermore, the non-alcoholic beverage market is characterized by a strong evolution that requires heavy investments in research and development, to meet the needs of new beverages with functional and nutritional characteristics, for a consumer who is increasingly attentive to health.

The result is a process of expanding the range of products, formats and related types of packaging that increase the complexity of managing production changes, which are ever faster and more diversified. Zanasi inkjet coding solutions have been specifically designed to guarantee the stability and efficiency of the system, in a sector without downtime, with fast production lines and frequent product changes, wet surfaces and environments with presence of condensation:

- The systems adapt to the environment and to the temperatures in which they are placed. The self-regulation mechanisms and the continuous head cleaning circuit guarantee the correct viscosity of the ink to maintain constant performance.

- The “Touch & Go” system for immediate restart by simply touching the screen ensures that the lines are always in operation.

- Simplified interface, the editor is designed to automate the creation of standard print messages to facilitate the quick change of the same.

As regards the development of packaging, a greater sensitivity towards environmental issues is expected in the next few years, which will orient the choice towards sustainable packaging coming from recycling. The printing of variable codes, batches and expiration dates on multiple types of perfectly legible and long-lasting substrates is guaranteed by the consumables formulated in the Research & Development Chemical Department in Sassuolo (MO), according to the specific applications of the sector.

Quick-drying and removable inks, resistant to condensation, with particular attention to the environmental aspect with the aim of increasing the safety and compliance of the inks, responding to market evolution and regulatory requirements to bring added value to the market and customers.

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