The need for producers and packers to trace eggs and to protect the health of consumers has led, in many countries of the world, to the entry into force of laws that not only provide for the affixing of certain information, but which define strict standards with regard to the codification of such information.

The complete range of Zanasi coding solutions can be integrated into sorters and cartoners to satisfy, at every stage of the process, the requirement for coding on eggs, on individual packs and also on cardboard boxes. The consumers will have at their disposal an actual identity card of the egg, allowing the traceability of the product and of the entire production chain.


The Zanasi CIJ inkjet marking system can reproduce the identification code and the manufacturer’s brand name directly on the eggshell in a clear and readable way, without making any contact.
The manufacturer, committed to ensuring a fresh and safe product on the market, will have a code that meets the need for customer loyalty and reinforces the brand identity.

An ergonomic and durable industrial cabinet in AISI 304 with high protection means the system is able to operate in any production environment. The printheads can be integrated on any sorter to print alphanumeric texts and logos on the side of the egg, from top to bottom and from below.

Efficiency and productivity are ensured by the ability to work at the speeds of the most efficient sorters, with 24/7 shifts, reducing routine maintenance costs thanks to the automatic washing of the printhead and to the diagnostics system in real time.

Zanasi has created a food additive (food-grade) suitable for printing on the eggshell that is certified as it is formulated using only raw materials in accordance with Regulation (EU) 231/2012, and made in environments using the HACCP protocol monitoring process. The highly adhesive, fast-drying ink, which is the essential prerequisite for clear, long-lasting coding, is difficult to remove. These fluids ensure excellent contrast, i.e. excellent readability, on both light and dark eggs.



The coding of egg packs, in addition to adhering to the current regulations on traceability, has a strategic role as it informs the consumer about the quality and freshness characteristics of the product. The ever-widening variety of packaging, by type, size and materials used, allows the various coding and marking needs to be met.

The Zanasi marking systems with CIJ (Continuous InkJet) and TIJ (Thermal InkJet) technology are flexible so they can adapt to being positioned directly on the production lines and thus, respond to the wide range of requests for printing on the package.

The coding solutions, with different technology, offer the advantage of printing directly on plastic or pulp containers, on the label or on the cardboard band and on egg trays, to offer clear and immediate visibility of the codes and their expiry date.
The immediate traceability of the batch and the source data allow rapid identification of the product in case of recall.

The systems use food inks in compliance with the standard for the use of food inks for food packaging.



Cardboard packaging, as a simple tool for logistical and information needs, has assumed an increasingly important role as a vehicle for communication and branding, without foregoing the focus on aesthetics and image uniformity.

To meet the numerous requests for customisation and printing on cardboard boxes, trays and labels, Zanasi offers a complete line of low and high resolution printing systems.

The systems, designed to print text, barcodes, logos and images of different heights, use Drop on Demand piezoelectric printing technology, ensuring robustness and reliability for highly defined high-resolution printing, as well as perfectly traceable, readable and GS1 standard-compliant barcodes, on porous and non-porous surfaces.

The Thermal InkJet range of systems is capable of adhering perfectly to any surface of packaging and multipacks. They incorporate the control unit and ink cartridge, in a small space, allowing the latter to be replaced in a matter of seconds, offering high resolution printing up to 900 Dpi of alphanumeric characters and high quality data matrix.

Immagine stampa su cartone sfocata_ENG_ritaglio


The wide working range of the heads allows you to take advantage of the entire printing surface available for endless customisation possibilities.

Direct printing of scannable information and barcodes on packaging gives you a real advantage that includes:

– the customisation of the message in real time

– the reduction of storage costs of pre-printed boxes

– the elimination of label costs and related management

– total traceability and identification of products on a logistics level



To provide an integrated solution, Zanasi has started a technical collaboration with MOBA®, a Dutch company and world leader in the manufacture of machinery for the selection, packaging and processing of eggs. The Z5000 EGGS system is perfectly integrated on MOBA® machines (OMNIA Series) and has official certification confirming full compatibility.
The system includes an integrated
software, developed to optimise the connections and communication with the sorter, without the need for additional programs or components.

The system optionally includes a bracket made according to MOBA specifications so that the printhead is perfectly positioned, if the sorter is equipped with the MOBA bracket, according to the drawing.

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