A special egg marking system, designed to meet the need to trace food products and protect consumer health.

Z5000 EGGS

Equipped with an AISI 304 ergonomic industrial cabinet with high environmental protection, Z5000 EGGS can be perfectly integrated in egg sorting machines without resorting to additional components. In particular, the system is officially certified for installation on MOBA machines, as it is equipped with specially developed software, brackets and connections.

The advanced 32-drop software allows Z5000 EGGS to reproduce barcodes, logos and alphanumeric texts with a height between 0,8 and 14 mm, and up to 5 lines. The high-adhesion and fast-drying inks used ensure excellent readability and contrast on eggshells, both light and dark, and on packs containing them, whether made of cardboard or plastic.

The system guarantees not only traceability but also savings: while the efficient solvent recirculation and recovery system keeps performance stable and reduces consumption, the innovative hydraulic circuit automatically washes the printhead during the switching on and off phases, thus avoiding prolonged downtime.



Guaranteed traceability

In full compliance with current food safety regulations, the marking includes the entire history of the product, from when it was laid to when it was placed on the shelves in supermarkets and shops, for carefree and conscious purchasing by the end user.

Food Grade inks

For printing directly on eggshells, the system uses “food grade” inks certified for contact with food. The liquids are produced by processes equipped with a HACCP self-control system, using raw materials suitable for food use and under strict quality controls.

Brand awareness

The ability to print brand and product information on eggs and packaging allows manufacturers to differentiate themselves from competitors and consolidate the company's image and identity, resulting in customer loyalty.

Easy integration

The printer is fully compatible with MOBA machines, and comes complete with the cables, connections and software required for installation. The equipment also includes a special bracket, which allows to move the printhead according to the specific application conditions.

Increased Productivity

A single system to mark eggs and packaging. The operator has to become familiar with only one type of printer, which is easy to use, thus reducing training times and resulting in greater and better performance.


The efficient solvent recirculation and recovery system is combined with the innovative hydraulic circuit with automatic head washing, for a fast and simple use of the printer without waste, also suitable for lines characterised by long stops.



Specifically designed to meet the marking needs of the poultry industry, Z5000 EGGS is compatible with food grade, high-adhesion, high-contrast and fast-drying inks. These fluids are the basis of clear, durable, excellent quality and resolution printing on the various types of eggs on the market and on the different packaging materials used.



Up to 5 lines of print
Character height from 0,8 to 14 mm
Printing speed: up to 2136 ct/sec
Product - head distance up to 90 mm
Prints Texts, Logos, Barcodes, Datamatrix, ITF
AISI 304 stainless steel structure with IP65 protection
Length of armoured conduit 4 m
Microdot nozzle for high resolution printing
Ethernet LAN and RS232 and RS485/422 serial communication


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