The high-performance Orkestra based system, built to guarantee manufacturing reliability, easy integration and low management costs in all circumstances.


With a strong and compact AISI 304 stainless steel cabinet and a IP55 protection degree, Z4700 can be integrated into any working environment. The advanced hydraulic system has been designed to maintain high printing standards even after long stops, thus ensuring reliability in case of both regular and intensive use.


The Z4700 system is available in different configurations, customisable according to the specific applications and with a series of fonts and matrices essential to obtain high quality prints up to 4 lines. Thanks to a special software integration it can print up to 400 m/min, which makes it ideal for installation on high-speed production lines.


The Orkestra modular software, simple and intuitive, reduces training and support times and guarantees the optimised management of the printer for correct and precise product marking even in the harshest environments.



Reduced costs

The automatic washing of the printhead and the enhanced recirculation system ensure low consumption and maximum continuity of the production process. Each part of the system is visible and can be easily repaired and replaced, without requiring the purchase of entire new modules.


The system is certified to perfectly withstand dust and water jets. Its hermetically sealed structure has been designed to ensure maximum stability and consistent performance over time in all applications and environmental conditions.

Easy to use

The coding experience is guided by Orkestra, the system management software with customisable interface for each operator. The risk of errors is reduced thanks to the guided entry of messages using preset fields and the verification of the message before printing.


Advanced and versatile integration through Ethernet, USB and serial ports allows communication with other devices on the line, for a quick and flexible management of external databases and production control.

Industry 4.0

Thanks to one of the Orkestra software modules, the system automatically detects, decodes and translates the information from external devices. Simple interconnection, lower customisation costs and higher productivity.

Automated management

Reduction of downtime thanks to instant fault detection and the remote monitoring service offered by Orkestra Remote, performance reporting tools to control system uptime and efficiency.



The wide range of standard, pigmented, food-grade, BIOdegradable and MEK-free inks makes the Z4700 system particularly suitable for applications in the food and beverage industry. High quality coding on food products and packaging material is ensured by high-contrast, fast-drying inks, resistant to water and low temperatures, with the ability to penetrate condensation.



Up to 4 lines of print
Character height from 0,8 to 12 mm
Printing speed: up to 2136 ct/sec
Message and logotype storage up to 4GB expandable
Prints Barcodes, Datamatrix, ITF, QR Codes
10,1” TFT colour touch screen display
AISI 304 stainless steel structure with IP55 protection
Length of armoured conduit 2m (4m optional)
Ethernet LAN and RS232 and RS485/422 serial communication


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