To each his own! The multi-head TIJ solution for clean, fast and high-resolution printing with a wide range of printheads to meet different marking requirements.


Z4, a multi-head TIJ system, is the ideal solution for applications where clean, contactless, high-quality marking with low printing costs and minimal management are required. Its modular structure combines the individual TJET multi-cartridge printheads in different positions and configurations, up to a maximum of 4 heads, to create a flexible, personal system suitable for specific marking needs.

Parameter setting and editing, message selection and verification and setting management are just a few of the features that can be managed directly using the console. The information, displayed in real time, can be edited easily and immediately using the “Turn & Press” multifunction button.


Z-TIJ Remote Manager, the powerful and intuitive proprietary management software that can be installed on all PCs (Windows­® based) remotely manages the easy creation of messages (Stretch and Drag & Drop functions) and the remote control of the system. In this way, the messages and the relative printing parameters are stored in the company’s central computer, thus improving the optimisation of the company’s activities.

TJET printheads

The flexibility of the range, with a maximum height of 50,8 mm (2”), allows to print alphanumeric texts, logos, 2D barcodes and QR codes, on primary packaging, secondary packaging and multipacks, with a porous or non-porous surface, such as paper, cardboard, aluminium, flexible film, plasticised and painted boxes, labels and many others.

TJET heads

Version with Bulk Ink Distribution System (BIDS)

It consists of a high-capacity ink tank and refillable cartridges, suitable for high production volumes. The system can manage up to 4 refillable cartridges, recognise the minimum ink level of each cartridge and fill them automatically without interrupting the printing operation.

The innovative BIDS



Multi-head management makes the system modular and easily expandable. The Z4 solution allows to combine up to 4 TJET multi-cartridge heads in different positions and configurations and to connect new heads, following the evolution of the industrial production process and adapting to specific production needs, in a simple way and without additional costs.

Printing without interruptions

The Bulk Ink Distribution System automatically refills the cartridges. Resources are used in the best way possible, repetitive actions and time-wasting operations are limited, the production line can count on the constant presence of a reserve of consumables and the absence of interruptions in the production cycle. This means savings of up to 50%.

No maintenance

Z4 is maintenance-free. It requires only the quick and clean cartridge replacement operation. All parts subject to wear and tear are contained in the cartridge, therefore in the event of failure, simply remove it and insert a new one. This is a fast operation that does not require any technical knowledge.

Automated management

The standard and refillable cartridges are equipped with SmartCard chip for the recognition of the ink type and level, for parameter settings, for fault detection and consumption calculation. In the Bulk version, the cartridges communicate constantly with the Ink Distribution System so that they can be refilled in real time.

OEM integration

The console, simple, compact and characterised by high connectivity, has been expressly developed for OEM integrations and for positioning inside electrical panels and control panels. The system can also communicate with the company's external and management devices via Ethernet connection, USB stick or serial port.

Savings and ecology

The system and the refillable cartridges have been developed from an “eco-friendly” perspective, in order to contain their environmental impact. The cartridges can be refilled up to about 34 times before they need to be replaced, offering the possibility to reuse the plastic material and reduce environmentally harmful waste.



The wide range of high-contrast solvent-based, pigmented, non-pigmented and food grade inks, available in various colours in smart ink cartridges, makes the Z4 coding solution suitable for the most varied materials, both with porous and non-porous surfaces.



Management of up to 4 printheads
Print height up to 50,8 mm
Product speed up to 180 m/min
Prints Barcodes, Datamatrix, QR Codes
High-definition printing up to 900 Dpi
Side (0° and 90°) and downward printing
128 x 68 pixel 2.5” OLED display
Bulk Ink Distribution System
Ethernet LAN, RS232 serial and USB communication


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