Light, Intelligent, Tiny, Economic Z101 LITE

A combination of technology and design for efficient and precise coding at unbeatable prices.


Z101 LITE is the entry level model of the DOD Zanasi range, characterised by an extremely simple, compact and lightweight stainless steel structure, the result of the rationalisation of the hydraulic system.

The system, particularly suitable to mark raw materials and secondary packaging, allows to print alphanumeric texts and symbols on a single line with a height adjustable from 7 to 20 mm. Printing is managed via a 5,7” touch screen display and a flexible and intuitive user interface.

The consolidated proprietary solenoid technology applied to the built-in printhead, characterised by speed, precision and low consumption, maintains optimal and constant performance, for perfect marking with multiple types of inks and on the most diverse surfaces.



Easy integration

Its small size and weight of less than 3 kg mean that the system can be installed without difficulty in any production line. The built-in printhead with a slim and extended design allows for even the narrowest spaces to be easily reached.

All in one

The system is equipped with a built-in air pump for ink pressurisation, which eliminates the need for external compressed air and helps keep the workstation free from bulky complementary accessories.

Easy to use

The simple software interface accessible via touch screen allows you to enter and edit messages, set parameters and control the entire printing process with extreme ease.

Low management costs

The consolidated proprietary solenoid technology guarantees a low initial investment, a minimum cost per single print and the best price/quality ratio of the entire segment.



The wide range of fast-drying, high-adhesion, water-, alcohol- and solvent-based inks allows Z101 LITE to mark porous and non-porous surfaces of raw materials and secondary packaging such as cartons, boxes, bags, cans, plastic buckets and the like.



Built-in 7 dot printhead
Single line of print
Character height adjustable from 7 to 20 mm
Product speed up to 60 m/min
Product - head distance up to 25 mm
5,7” colour LCD display with touch screen
AISI 304 stainless steel structure
Inspectable and repairable printhead
High-efficiency and precision solenoids


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