The precise, clean and reliable Thermal Ink-Jet system. The perfect combination between extremely high-quality marking and no maintenance. All in one click!


The Zanasi Thermal InkJet system, suitable for complex coding at high resolution and speed, prints in a precise and clean way. Z1 is easy to use: it features, in a small space, the control unit and the ink cartridge, which can be replaced in a few seconds. It also effectively meets the needs of the most demanding sectors, which require perfect adhesion and high contrast for well-defined printing that allows for full product traceability.

The ideal choice to guarantee high quality printing by combining alphanumeric characters and datamatrix on primary packaging and multipacks, with porous and non-porous surfaces, such as paper, aluminium, flexible film, plasticised and painted boxes, labels.


It can be controlled directly from the head, thanks to the intuitive control panel built into the system, or remotely using the proprietary Z-TIJ Remote Manager software.
From the control panel you can select the print images, check the ink level, start or stop the system in one click.



Plug & Play

Small and compact, with a stainless steel structure, weighing only 570 grams, it is equipped with a self-installation kit for easy integration into any production line. Start-up is immediate: simply insert the cartridge and press the power button.

No maintenance

Easy to use and maintain - each time the cartridge is replaced, the printer will have a new head. All parts subject to wear and tear are contained in the cartridge, therefore, in the event of failure, simply replace it. This is a fast operation that does not require technical knowledge and reduces downtime.

All in ONE

In a small space, it combines a control panel, a cartridge and multiple connections for external accessories and devices, and for network management. Using a simple USB stick, it is possible to transfer messages and the setting and control information of the accessories.


The multi-head management using the Z-TIJ Remote Manager software makes the system easily expandable. The Z1 solution allows for new systems to be connected, in a simple way and without additional costs, following the evolution of specific production needs.

Remote management

Z1 can be connected to the network or it can be operated remotely in a specific department. Remote management is entrusted to Z-TIJ Remote Manager, the powerful and intuitive proprietary software for easy message creation and the remote control of one or more systems.

Fewer errors, higher productivity

The cartridge is equipped with a chip for the automatic recognition of the ink in use and the residual ink level. The software editor is designed to simplify and speed up the creation of standard messages, thus optimising operating times.



Always ready to use, plug&play, Z1 manages a range of fast-drying and high-adhesion inks thanks to smart ink cartridges, to mark the most varied materials, both with porous and non-porous surfaces.

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Print height up to 12,5 mm
Product speed up to 90 m/min
Available fonts: Windows True Type
High-definition printing up to 900 Dpi
Prints Barcodes, Datamatrix, QR Codes
Side (0° and 90°), downward and upward printing
Built-in product detection sensor
Encoder management for not constant product speed
Ethernet LAN, RS232 serial and USB communication


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