e -JET

Packaging branding knows no limits. The power of ultraviolet light leaves its mark even on less permeable surfaces.


This accessory is designed to allow the Z640PLUS e-JET system to print perfectly on secondary and tertiary packaging such as coated and plasticised cardboard, plastic films, polystyrene and similar materials thanks to the curing process.

The message printed with ZUVC ink, specifically formulated to solidify upon contact with UV light, is hit by a beam of LED ultraviolet rays, which instantly brings it from the liquid to the solid state, indelibly fixing it to the surface.

Installed next to the printhead, the Z-CURE UV lamp is activated as soon as it detects the presence of the product, straight after marking. The amplitude of the luminous flux emitted can be selected based on the height of the printed message, and therefore on the type of head being used. The lamp has two light units, each with a working area of up to 51 mm (2”), which can be turned on individually or in pairs for an irradiation window of 102 mm (4”).

Z-CURE is equipped with a special protective casing for ultraviolet light shielding. The Z640 software extension dedicated to the management of the lamp has in turn been programmed in accordance with international standards on hazard prevention for line operators. This includes a series of screens for configuring and monitoring the accessory.
Depending on the head configuration, the lamp can also be directed from top to bottom or on the side with respect to the product.



Constructive reliability

Its compact and sturdy design gives Z-CURE excellent resistance to impacts and vibrations and durability. When used in optimal environmental conditions, it ensures a long service life, estimated at around 10 - 15.000 hours of operation.

Automated management

The Z-CURE UV lamp is equipped with a built-in air-cooling system, which keeps the internal temperature constant to ensure correct and regular operation. The lamp electronics manage and control the system in a completely independent way.

Reduced costs

The wide UV radiation emission window allows for curing while maintaining a lower irradiation peak, reducing consumption and the risk of damaging surfaces. The possibility to select one or both light units according to the head model also results in savings.

Easy integration

The solid and small structure, the practical and small external power supply and the fact that it is not necessary to resort to an external cooling source simplify the assembly of Z-CURE in the production line.



Z640PLUS e-JET is compatible with a wide range of high-contrast, fast-drying and high-adhesion inks for porous surfaces (paper, cardboard, wood) and with UV Curable inks for non-porous surfaces (coated cardboard, flexible film, plastic packaging, polystyrene foam) by means of the curing process using the Z-CURE UV lamp. The industries that most require the features of Z640PLUS e-JET are food, beverage, home and personal care, cosmetics, chemical.

Vassoio conserva film plastico testa FDI
Vassoio conserva film plastico testa FDI


UV light intensity adjustable from 10% to 100%
Radiating area up to 102 mm (4”)
Possibility to select one or both light units
Line speed: up to 65 m/min at 250 Dpi
Side and downward printing
Compliance with international health and safety standards


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