We make things happen OUR VALUES

We make things happen

Every staff member here at Zanasi is essential.
Because the whole is much more than the sum of the single parts.

In ZANASI, we firmly believe that every transformation always starts from within, a WHOLE encompassing different ways of thinking and ways of being, propelled towards the realisation of our projects. We shape our vision of the future to pursue a common objective: to create with what we have at hand, breaking the mould to make increasingly innovative, simple and reliable products.

Innovation, Collaboration and Satisfaction are the ICS factor in our company. ICS are the values in which we believe and which guide the way we conduct our relations with the market, the companies we deal with and the people who work with us.

Through our values, we declare our identity to the market and we make it clear how we intend to achieve success together and respond to constant change.

ICS Factor


Failure is an opportunity to grow.

Innovation is achieved through trial and error. The wrong answer is often seen as something negative. But all failures are valuable because they teach us something. It is a necessary condition for evolution.

In Zanasi, we want to create an environment in which people are not afraid of taking a risk; they are demanding people with enquiring, inventive minds, people who do not give up, who analyse and scrutinise. Because every day, it is always a little more exciting to realise that to think big, you must first think small.

Through the structure and method typical of manufacturers, the procedural link between old and new knowledge, we are able to combine different elements to create something unique, to overcome the daily routine of our work to look beyond the obstacle: this is our way, so we can explore hitherto unseen solutions together.


For us, every idea is valuable.

People face challenges and difficulties calmly when they feel part of a committed group, with the awareness that every choice must be shared internally, as it has an important impact on the present and future work of their colleagues.

The ideas of the individual that are the module, the unit, which when configured together with the others guides us on the path towards innovation. Being able to work in synergy allows us to have better process efficiency, creativity, new insights and shared projects where everyone works together for a common goal.

We are manufacturers and we use the principles of physics to help us understand how we can achieve the results we are aiming for. Forces never generate singly, but always in pairs and since, in nature, there is never one single force, we must relate and interact with others to grow all professionally and in complementarity.


Every single colleague is essential.

ZANASI is committed to creating the conditions in which every individual can enhance their qualities for full personal satisfaction. Enhancing diversity underscores the appreciation of differences in a place where everyone recognises themselves and is recognised for their identity to create that WHOLE which is stronger than the sum of individual parts.

The opportunity is to look at the same things together, whilst being aware that different visions come into play in a confrontation that finally questions misleading certainties and self-limiting conformism, enhancing the results. Consequently, no matter what happens, we cross the threshold every day with energy, and the satisfaction that we then draw from it is what drives us to constantly continue on this path.

The integration of similarities and differences is evident in the organisational set up where gender equality is not an agenda for us, but an integral part of what ZANASI is as a company. Our team is made up of an equal number of men and women, in a vision of joint participation which guarantees the respect and rights of everyone. We are also proud to share with all of you who are reading this that the roles of coordination and responsibility are delegated like the two identical halves of the same apple, with no distinction between the two genders.